Monday, August 31, 2009


Nice to know the no class people on the right-wing media never let me down and it further shows how pathetic they are as always. Here is quotes on Ted Kennedy:

Keep in mind what I said about Michael Jackson when he died: You have to judge the whole man, not the part. He was in no way, shape or form a perfect person, he had a tragic history in part do to his own doing and that part of his life cannot be ignored, but as a Senator he will be missed.

Again it shows how disgusting they are.


The fire I posted about the other day has turned tragic as two firefighters lost their lives when their vehicle overturned. Sad

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Long Season

I've lived in Los Angeles pretty much all of my life (except 8 months when I was in New York) and I think we are going to have another really bad fire season this year (although fire season has become year around now). Just in the past few days we've had three big wildfires and while the temperature has been very hot luckily no Santa Ana Winds driving them. I hope I'm wrong but the signs are not good.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I was saddened to learn of the death of Ted Kennedy after his long bout of Brain Cancer. The "Liberal Lion" will be missed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

So after computer problems and a deserved break I'm back. And if you were under a rock the past 12 days the biggest news is something liberals were saying all along and that is Bush abused his power (at least) with the terror alert system praying on people fears after the 9/11 attacks. If there aren't two people who deserve to be in jail more then Bush and Cheney I don't know who it would be.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Wondering

Just wondering now that the stock market is up and the economy is slowly starting to turn around why are the same people who falsely blamed President Obama for creating the mess even though it started under Bush and the Republicans why aren't they saying what the facts are and that is President Obama's economic plan worked? Oh year Republicans only know how to blame!

More Right Racism

I know people like Robert who live in denial hate when I talk about the racism coming from the right but here is yet another example:

Sorry but these are facts that more racism is coming from the right especially since there is an African American President. You can start with the leader of the Republican Party Rush Limbaugh and work down from there

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Death Panels??

So idiot Sarah Palin has been going on talking about how if health care reform gets passed it would create "death panels" which I don't even know why the idiot is saying that. Getting to reality as everyone BUT Republicans live in I want to talk about what is happening NOW!

Years ago my mom divorced and remarried. My real dad has problems with his kidneys and is on dialisis. He has been hoping to be put on the wait list to get a new kidney. He was turned down because of his age. So in other words a "death panel" sentenced him to die because he is old. That BITCH Sarah Palin needs to wake up cause that is the reality we live in with people deciding other people fates.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Sick are they

I ask how sick are Republicans. They are making a hero out of the person who assasinated Dr. Tiller. They are truly sick and I wonder how many more assasinations are coming and how many more before someone takes notice. Of course the right thinks G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North are heros don't they?

About Time

About time Secret Service investigates these right-wing lunatic talk show hosts after all the threats they have been making. Now if only it becomes someone like Rush or Savage or Rep. Michelle Bachman who called for a revolution against the elected President.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What Liberal Media

If the media is liberal as the right falsely claims why wouldn't they report this? This link shows the Pa. Gym killer's diary. It shows he was nothing but another right-wing lunatic with easy access to a gun and decided to kill people for the hell of it. This is yet another example on why there should NEVER BE SUCH EASY ACCESS TO GUNS EVER

Friday, August 07, 2009

Showing their true selves

If you take this week Repubilcans as always show their true selves. John Cornyn of Texas even said it. He said Republicans are going to "take advantage of peoples fear and anger in 2010". Now what fear is that. We know what it is it's peoples fear that a black person is elected President. A lot of people just are refusing to accept it. They are angry about it and that is the only thing Republicans can go for because on the issues they have no ideas except more of the same. You saw it on the attacks this week directed on President Obama Beck calling him a racsit when he isn't Limbaugh saying he's like Hitler which if you really wanna make comparisons you can talk about Bush but there wasn't this kind of hatred directed toward Bill Clinton as bad as that was. As I said Republicans are showing there true selves and really if you want to be associated with people like that it really shows a lot.

More of the same

Sorry for no posts this week my computer crapped out on me. What else is new (hint for any friends and family with my birthday on Friday).

I watched more of the same McCain earlier in the week and it pissed me off. First that he gets any tv time with that disgusting campaign he ran still amazes me I guess the media still considers him moderate which he isn't obviously. But he said last weekend that Obama isn't "bipartisan enough" which pisses me off actually. He has reached out so many times to Republicans and every time they said no. Repubicans refuse to cooperate and yet this idiot says

Saturday, August 01, 2009

For a laugh

For a good laugh read Jonah Goldberg's column from earlier in the week in the Los Angeles Times. Why they keep him employed is beyond me. His column actually states that we shouldn't be concerned about global warming because "earth is going to be destroyed by an asteroid". It's really about smearing those who believe global warming is a serious problem but the reason is hysterical.

Goldberg is yet another right-wing nutjob among many out there.