Friday, October 30, 2009

My Point Exactly

I posted the other day how if this opt in opt out option for the states on healthcare should be left to the people of each state to vote upon cause too many pollititions will only look in their best interests instead of the peoples this is exactly what I mean:

It already shows Republican polititions in Kansas preparing legislation to block healthcare reform. Thank you Kansas for proving me right.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Once

Just Once I would love to see someone ask former Vice President Cheney when he says how he kept America safe after 9/11 the following questions:

Weren't you supposed to keep America safe ON 9/11?
Why didn't you act on the Presidential Daily Briefing saying Bin Laden determined to strike against the United States that was given a month prior to the attacks?
Are we supposed to ignore the anthrax attacks that happened AFTER 9/11?
Why didn't you keep us safe from them?

But it's by god Dick Cheney and the right-wing media won't.

Phony Outrage

In hte latest phony outrage against President Obama the Republicans are attacking the fact that he is having people who donated money to his campaign over to events at the White House. My feeling is this: People should be rewarded for helping the President no matter who it is AS LONG AS there is no favors done like getting no bid contracts (like Cheney did for Halliburton). Another grasp at nothing by Republicans.,0,3237886.story

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Up to the People

So with the addition of the public option where each state could opt in or out of (since Republicans claim all the time they want state rights they should be pleased with this) instead of politions who have their own personal agenda it should be up to the people via vote. We know who I'm referring to regaring people with their own personal agenda (Pawlenty, Jindall, Perry among them). Leave it to the people. This isn't a game this is dealing with peoples lives.

Monday, October 26, 2009

How To Pay

So just wondering how to pay for healthcare I just want to throw a wild idea out there that really hasn't been talked about and should be considered: How about legalizing pot? That would generate all kinds of income. Just something to throw out there.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching Up

It's time baseball caught up with technology. I've never seen such horrible umpiring as I have this playoffs. Instant replay needs to be incorporated

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Should Never EVER Happen

How bad are things regarding healthcare? I found an article where a 39 year old man has to enlist in the army to get heathcare for his wife who has cancer. He was out of work and couldn't afford the payments for insurance. If this is the best healthcare in the world as Republicans claim why should this EVER happen?

About Time

It's about time someone calls these lunatics out on the right. Surprisingly it's Al Sharpton.

Apparently Rev. Sharpton is threatening to sue the drug addict Limbaugh over an op-ed he had this weekend accusing Shaprton for inciting two race riots in New York in the 90's. Funny how the druggie is so easy to accuse anyone for being a racist but it's the druggie who really is. Go Al I will help you with quotes from the druggie in any way I can.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I am again wondering why conservatives, who always preach competition, are against a public option in healthcare (and Democrats in name only). With Republicans always preaching how competition means lower prices this would be their chance to prove it but I guess since this helps average people (something they would know nothing about) that must be why they are against it. Everything that helps normal citizens they seem to be against.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a joke

Today in the alleged liberal Los Angeles Times there is an op-ed piece from John Bolton. You know the former Bush idiot who he was at the U.N. . He calls President Obama "Indecisive and Weak" on foreign policy. Actually I disagree completely. He, contrary to his former boss Bush, wants something unfamilliar with Republicans called an INFORMED DECISION. He doesn't want to have a knee jerk reaction like they did and he wants something Republicans wouldn't know one if it fell on their laps and that is called a plan. Remember foreign policy under Bush was also shoot first shoot last and shoot all the time. That's why the world hated him.

Bolton is a major reason why we have had a nightmare of a foreign policy before and now that there is a refreshing change Bolton should just SHUT UP!

Friday, October 16, 2009

No One

Giving credit where it's due I'd say no one plays the victim better then Rush the drug addict. I posted the other day that I felt since he has the money he should be allowed to buy the Rams. He was rejected by the ownership group he was supposed to be a part of but that doesn't stop him. He blames everyone but the person ultimately responsible for his being dismissed from the group: Rush and his racist comments. It's really pathetic which is what he is. Pathetic.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where is the credit?

For those on the right who blamed the economic nightmare on Obama even though Bush was in charge when it happened I was wondering now that the dow broke 10,000 for the first time since the collaspe why aren't those same people giving the credit that attacked him? Oh yeah they are hypocrites.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Why is it I have to go looking for news like this blantant attack on President Obama? The article shows where there was a swastika ( I, as a jewish person, hate even typing that word) carved in a golf course with the President's name. That is DISGUSTING behavior ENCOURAGED by the right-wing. It NEEDS TO STOP!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One More Time

I have a satellite radio in my car. I was listening to the simulcast of CNN and they had a story of how aggressive animals have been getting toward people. As usual with stories like these they have it at least partially wrong as the reasons given. It's really simple actually and I have said this before:

As long as people are expanding building in mountains, forests, swamps, wherever and building into areas that are habitats for animals and taking away animals food sources this is going to happen. Animals will get more aggressive trying to find food for them and their babies.

That wasn't covered in the story yesterday.

He should be allowed

This following comment might surprise a lot of people. I think Rush the druggie should, repeat SHOULD be allowed to own the Rams if he wants to. Here are a couple reasons why:

A) It's his money he should be allowed to do what he wants
B) I hate the Rams as it is so for me it's just another reason
C) I want him to fail as an owner
D) The Rams can't be any worse

Monday, October 12, 2009

False News

It's nice to see the President and all his employees finally call False News (Fox News) for what they really are: An arm of the right-wing propaganda machine. All they are is 24 hours of anti-Obama hysteria and it's rediculous that they claim they are "fair and balanced"

Keep in mind I'm not saying networks have to be 24 hour Obama suckups cause they should be free to call Obama out on things they disagree with him on, BUT to claim they are news when they are not is wrong.

No Credibility

It amazes me how week after week I see more of the same John McCain on the tv shows. This man LOST the election and yet every week it seem he's on tv complaining like the grumpy old man. He was on yet again yesterday dispite having no credibility. If you want to go back he was one of the people who claimed the Iraq nightmare would be "easy". Why should anyone listen to someone so foolish who would say that. But then again a lot of people said that.

There is a great piece on McCain by Frank Rich. Here is the link

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Congrats to the Chief

I'd like to say congrats to President Obama for winning the nobel peace prize although honestly I'm still not quite sure what he exactly has done to deserve it to be honest. I'd also like to say congrats to Mn. Gov Pawlenty and AZ. Sen McCain for being respectful for that even though I know they disagree with the President on most everything. Here is a link to comments by both

But of course those Republicans who hate America (and you know who I mean but if you want a refresher Rush, Beck, Steele and so many others) go right on the attack and do nothing but embarass themselves. For instance:

As always the right wing media does nothing but make fools out of themselves. Good consistancy.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

More wondering

With all the crap (some derserved) ACORN received for being stupid in that undercover (possibly illegal) videotape just wondering where the equal outrage from the right is on this:

Shows police being undercover at a gun show in New York being told how to get illegal guns. Isn't that much worse then what ACORN did cause aren't guns used to kill people?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


You know I hear the right whine and complain about the lack of coverage on their phony protests even though all the networks were there but I wonder where the coverage by the news was when anti-war protesters shut down Pennsylvania Ave in Washington D.C. the other day? There was nothing on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, NBC anywhere (I expect nothing on Fox cause they don't care) but even doing a google search here is what I found:

Really horrible when a bunch of angry white men (the right-wing protests) get coverage and normal people don't. Again more proof on the right-wing media.

A Reminder

I think a little reminder on who this General McChrystal is. He was involved in the cover-up of the death of Pat Tilman. For those who need a reminder Pat Tilman was a former NFL player who quit the game after 9/11. Originally he was reported killed by enemy forces but it was later found that he was killed by friendly fire. McChrystal helped cover it up.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Few Questions

I have a couple of questions I've been asking. We got no answers (as always) when Bush was in office I hope we get answers with Obama concerning Afghanistan:

1) What is the mission.
2) What are goals to define success (hopefully Obama won't pull a stunt like Bush regarding Iraq landing on an aircraft carrier saying mission accomplished)
3) What is the exit strategy

It's really simple but we need answers

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Un American

It's funny when the Repubilcans were in charge they called me un-american and not supporting our troops because I was against the Iraq War and all that garbage. But really who is un-american here? You see the other day I posted I thought it was a mistake for Obama to try to bring the Olympics to Chicago because I thought it was a waste of taxpayer dollars if he went and the fact he was in a no win situation because if they got it the media would say stuff like "oh Obama didn't really do anything" or "cronyism" or crap like that. . Now Chicago did not get the Olympics and the Republican media is attacking Obama (of course) and the great city of Chicago. They were actually rooting against Chicago and the United States because of their hatred toward Obama. It's really pathetic and it angers me because I want to see hte Olympics in my country as often as possible no matter who the President is. For quotes look below but if you want to know who is REALLY un-american... Look at the Republican party.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Uh Oh

So if anyone missed there is a bit of breaking news this early morning. Late Night host David Letterman announced he had sex with employees and someone tried to blackmail him regarding that. It's a shame but unless he broke CBS rules regarding that nothing should really happen. The reports indicate that the affairs happened before he was married and it appears all relationships were consensual (by the way why is it an affair when he wasn't married) and unless he said have sex with me or you will lose your job (which to this point that hasn't been announced) no crime has been committed.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

He's Right

Kudos to Alan Grayson (D, Fla) for telling the TRUTH about the non Republican Health Care Plan. He called Republicans out yesterday on the floor of Congress which it's nice to see finally done. He said on the floor the Republican plan which is simply "don't get sick" and "die quickly". It's the DAMN TRUTH and with my father being rejected BY HIS INSURANCE COMPANY for being on the kidney donar list because he's old it's exactly right. Whatever you do Mr. Grayson DO NOT APOLOGIZE to Republicans who bitch about this. They can't handle the truth and that's exactly what you said!

Republicans want to introduce a resolution saying Grayson was wrong. What babies.

More Violence

I hoped that the census worker wasn't killed by a right-wing idiot. Now I'm sure he was. With the link I sure how yet another right-wing nut is encouraging a military coup against Obama. The right does nothing but encourage violence and this is yet another example. Until "people" like Rush, O'Idiot, the idiot who wrote that GET ARRESTED they will continue. There is no doubt going to be at least one assasination atempt on Obama based on these psychopaths encouraging it.