Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Double Standard

I would like to talk about a double standard President Obama has created. And yes I disagree in part with this. Yesterday he demanded and received the resignation of GM Head Warren (or is it former now) I was wondering who in Wall Street has been demanded to resign? No one. Why has the auto industry been asked to go through so many hoops to receive bailout money BUT Wall Street hasn't?

I think we need answers on that cause the same standard should apply to both.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is It Coming

So I was watching the news last night before I went to bed and saw the headline I've been seeing for years: Is the "big one" coming? And let's face it no one knows for sure.The fact is there have been "earthquake swarms" along one of the stretches of the San Andreas Fault that scientists claim could trigger the "big one". One thing I know is it will come sooner or later (hopefully much later) and you have to be as prepared as possible cause even with a sane person as President as we have now if the "big one" hits it would be a disaster of such huge proportion FEMA would NOT be able to handle it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I hope you notice the difference in Bush and President Obama. Last night in the press conference we had someone who actually thinks before he speaks and doesn't look like he has a deer in the headlights as Bush did. President Obama looks confident and Bush looked scarred whenever he spoke. President Obama has intelligence and Bush well was less then that. President Obama has done an exceptional job for what he has had to work with while Bush created the disaster we are in.

And also I'm wondering when the media is going to start to blame Bush for this mess instead of President Obama who has to clean it up?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is It Working?

Well at least in part it appears President Obama's economic plan is working. The Stock Market is getting higher at least some, if you see housing sales rose in the last month and if you saw new unemployment claims fell last week. All good signs but there is still a long way to go.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Piling On and other things

I'd like to talk about two things and more proof how the media is right-wing. There were two cases where the media just used to pile on President Obama were there just wasn't a story.

First when President Obama made his NCAA Basketball Tourney Picks. He picked North Carolina to win (as did I actually) which got a response from Coach Krzyazewski from big rival Duke. What the full media showed was only part of the statement which said "Obama should stick with the economy." What the media did NOT show was his full statement which said how he supports Obama and what he has done. But here are a few of the stories.


And the right-wing media just attacked and attacked as usual.

2nd I want to talk about the Jay Leno joke. First if Obama bowls a 129 that's better then I can bowl right now and I'm not in the Special Olympics. He said the joke. Apologized it should be over. Nope the right-wing media just uses that again to do nothing but hammer President Obama. I have so many comments by Republicans where they didn't have to apoligize for but this is incencitive? What a joke.

Again nothing but more proof what the media really is.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Looking at the AIG mess specifically who is to blame:

First it's de-regulation. Sorry if Wall Street wasn't de-regulated this would easily be prevented along with Bernie Madoff. And this is yet another example why this policy never works as companies like AIG become "too big to fail"

Second Sec Tim Geitner. You showed at the very least you are weak. At the very most you are involved in fraud. You should be fired.

Third Republicans. This is a mess created in the late 1990's when you de-regulated the industry when you were in charge of Congress and the Senate and insisted on this legislation. And if I recall before Robert jumps all over me he is the one who says the President only is in charge of the military so many times when I rightfully attacked Bush this is not Clinton's fault using Roberts words although..

Four: Bill Clinton. You should have vetoed this legislation which created this mess.

Now that being said I would like to go to the hearings. I thought Barney Frank stepped over the line and sounded like McCarthy when he demaded the names of those who received bonuses. Now would I like those names to be public? Yes I would BUT he sounded like he was grandstanding.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Outrages

I got two topics I would like to talk about today. They are related.

First we have AIG. They claim they have to pay $165 of taxpayer dollars toward executive bonuses because "we have to because of contracts" and "we have to retain the best and brightest". I have a couple of responses to that:

1) Contracts are re-negotiated all the time. Ask the auto-workers, airlines, teachers and so many others I can name.

2) These "best and the brightest" are why you are in the mess you are in. They should NEVER be rewarded for ruining a company and deserve to be fired

3) President Obama claims his hands are tied. I realize this is the part that was negotiated by former secretary and former head of AIG (no conflict there) Paulson but you should sign an exectutive order saying taxpayers will not pay bonuses for failed companies. That's the easy way.

Second I bring Dick Cheney. He said in response to the economic crises we are in because of his and Bush's policies "stuff happens"

Stuff happens. And you wonder why Republicans are not in charge anymore.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How many more?

I was just wondering how many more of these mass shootings are going to have to occur before someone decides to take up gun legislation again? While I know even though the 2nd amendment says "well-armed militia" and not "everyone can have guns" it will never be overturned but I have what I feel are common-sense ideas for sensible gun-control. And it's more then anything I've heard coming coming out of Washington.

A) A strict background check for gun owners. I really never understood why groups like the NRA are against that. There is nothing that can't be bought after a background check.

B) Stricter penalties. If you are convicted for murder you should automatically get the death penalty. After all doesn't the bible say eye for an eye?

C) If you are a minor you should be charged as an adult. Period. Also see above

D) The guardians of minors should be accountable. They should not only pay damages but should also face jail time. Parents should know what their children are doing and if they are not responsible enough then they shouldn't be parents!

E) Gun shop owners and trade shows who sell guns need to be accountable. First see the background check and if guns bought in their stores or trade shows should be fined, shut down, or also even charged as an accessory.

Now if anyone says more guns are the answer they are stupid. Period. More guns creates more problems. Anyone who says otherwise has no clue in the reality of life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arrest Them All


Well according to this Chuck Norris said the Republican Party is a terrorist organization and as one they need to be arrested. It's really that easy and it SHOULD be done because they are clearly a threat to this country and should be treated as such. If you look at the article he is calling for a rebellion against the ELECTED PRESIDENT (something we haven't had the past 8 years). Now last I checked you cannot make a threat against the President even if you don't mean it but this is serious when you call for the overthrow of the government. Sad part is there are people out there who believe him as I've posted before.

As usual he represents the party of hate and divide and if he doesn't like the fact Obama is THE ELECTED PRESIDENT like I was told many times with Bush I was told to get out so my advice to Norris and anyone get out of America if you don't like PRESIDENT OBAMA!

Also wondering if this was a liberal media, which we all know otherwise, why a threat on the President isn't news?

Friday, March 06, 2009

Did you know

How insane more of the same McCain is attacking the spending bill for pork, what you are not hearing from the media is what Arizona is receiving and you are also not hearing about any Republican and considering they are requesting three of the top five in requesting the pork, they are being their usual hypocritical selves.


Now I'm wondering of insane more of the same McCain realizes how his state benefits from these earmarks and on the website there is a database of all earmarks and the fact is Republicans have requested as much as Democrats. Again the usual double-standard applies and I also wonder where the complaints were when Republicans were running up the deficits as they were with these same earmarks?

An Open Letter

I'd like to give a copy of a letter I emailed to former Sen. Norm Coleman

Dear Former Senator,

Mr. Coleman how are you. I hope you are well. I'd like to talk about what you are doing to your state. You are hurting your state. One of the things I was constantly told in 2000 after Bush stole the election was get over it. Democrats lost. I offer you the same advice. Please drop your legal challenges. You lost the election. Unlike Florida all votes were counted. By continuing the legal battles you are waging against Sen. Elect Al Franken you are putting your ego before the needs of your state who decided they wanted someone else. I realize you might be humiliated as someone who has lost elections to a wrestler (Jesse Ventura) and a comedian (Al Franken) but there needs to be a time when you have to realize that it's over for you. I realize there is pride and ego involved but the question you need to answer is what is more important: Your pride and ego or your state of Minnesota.

Now realize if Sen. Elect Franken doesn't do a job that the people of Minnesota demand of him they will not re-elect him but until then you are not the Senator from Minnesota anymore. Enjoy your life. You will probably earn more money doing speeches then you would as Senator.

In closing former Sen. Coleman the ball is in your court. You can do what's right and drop the challenges or continue to hurt your state of Minnesota. The choice is yours.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Why isn't this news?

Shows a link to a former Republican worker who went on a shooting rampage in Florida. Add that to the murder of the former head of the Tennessee Democratic Party head by a Republican and to me it seems they are just gearing up for a war.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A New Name

I have a new name for the Republican Party. They will no longer be called the G.O.P. but the P.O.C. That stands for Party Of Cowards. That's all they are and they show it more and more. Take a look at the alleged head of the P.O.C. Michael Steele. He rightfully said what drug addict Rush Limbaugh really is and after Rush attacked Steele basically saying "don't you know who I am" Steele like the rest of the cowards crawled with his tail between his legs and apologized to him. They are nothing but cowards and until they find their identity they will be cowards.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I paid a little attention to the C-Pac convention over the weekend and I heard a common theme throughout: Taking "our" (meaning conservative) country back.

I got some questions:
Since when is this ONLY a conservative country?
Do conservatives forget their policies got us where we are right now in this recession with de-regulation and trickle down economics?
Will they ever offer new ideas?
Every Republican should be asked is Rush right in wanting President Obama to fail?
And do they not realize if President Obama fails the whole country fails due to Republican policies?

Monday, March 02, 2009


I watched Karl Rove on This Week yesterday and have to laugh out loud at him. He was preaching fiscal responsibility. This is from the same party that turned a budget surplus left by DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON that was turned immediately into a record deficit. This is from the party that ruined our country cause they didn't manage our economy and had the worst tax policies on record. If I hear another Republican preach about fiscal responsibility after the Bush Administration I'll scream. They are liars regarding that false pretense cause they do not practice what they preach!