Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My wish

My wish in 2014 is to have more civil dialogue. To say something without being dragged to the lowest common denominator. AKA without being called a "marxist, communist," and that I "hate America".

Democrats want civil discussions. Republicans don't cause if there was an honest discussion and dialogue they would lose every argument.

Monday, December 30, 2013

To prove a point


To prove yet another point how I am not religious.. How Sean Hannity and most on Fox are defending the hateful racist comment from the main character of Duck Dynasty Hannity said he represents "Christian Values"

So being a racist, homophobic person is being Christian in their eyes


What I wish

I wish I would be Commissioner of all sports. I would do the following:

Institute a MINIMUM salary cap. Teams like the Florida Marlins, Houston Astros should not be rewarded with money by failing to put a competitive team on the field. The fans should NOT be punished by their owner desire for mediocrity. There needs to be competition.

Eliminate the salary cap. Except for rookies

Eliminate any tax exempt status by all owners. Sorry you do business in this country you pay taxes.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Real War

It's funny how the right always claims on holiday's how there is a war on Christmas or a war on Easter you want a real war.. Let's take a look at right wing wars. I mean real war

War on Workers... They want to gut Unions and workers right

War on the poor... The fact they cut food stamps and unemployment shows they hate the poor

War on Voting Rights...Fact how Republicans are doing everything possible to make it harder for people to vote in states that can easily switch from Republican to Democrat.

Those are the real wars.

That is something we can change

Saturday, December 28, 2013



So A&E is chosing to re-instate Duck Dynasty after an outcry from racists and bigots demanding the star be allowed back.

Fine that is their choice.

I choose not to watch that network while that show is on. I chose not to go to their sponsors who advertise on that show.

That is a choice I make

Friday, December 27, 2013

Why I hate them

Garbage like this is why I'm not religious.


You see I need to give you a history lesson... One of the main reasons why this country was founded was to escape religion.

And yet another thing we have freedom of speech in this country. Not sure if the right wing realizes that. That does mean that if people want to say Happy Holidays, that is their RIGHT! If people want to say Merry Christmas, THAT IS THEIR RIGHT!

If people can't accept that, GO ELSEWHERE

There is no war on Christmas, you are not allowing freedom of speech if you think there is.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How things work

I'd like to talk about a free market and how it is supposed to work. Not how the right wing thinks it works but how it is supposed to work

That idiot from Duck Dynasty made in appropriate comments (in my opinion). He has every right to say or feel how he does. No one questions that. He think how he does and as much as I feel it is wrong he has a right to his opinion.

His employer has a right to terminate or suspend him. Just like if I said something inaporpriate at my job or any person would at their job. They have to think of their bottom line just like everyone else does.

If only "people" like Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal and everyone on Fox would understand how it is supposed to work


How the right uses Christianity and the bible to allow being homophobic racists. Funny from what I understand of the bible it is supposed to teach inclusiveness and love of all people. Togetherness not intolerance. It is supposed to teach loving each other.

But what do I know

Monday, December 16, 2013

Uh No


As much as I try not to talk about the drug addict Rush Limbaugh much cause he is SO fucking stupid I had to comment on this. THERE IS NO ONE ON THE LEFT WHO WANTS TO ELIMINATE CHRISTMAS. THIS FUCKING WAR ON CHRISTMAS IS NOTHING BUT A RIGHT WING PLOT IN THEIR LITTLE FEEBLE MINDS!

 That is all

Saturday, December 07, 2013

A great man

The world lost a great man. A leader. A visionary. Nelson Mandela was a hero. Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive.

Oh yeah that is the Republican Party