Monday, December 30, 2013

What I wish

I wish I would be Commissioner of all sports. I would do the following:

Institute a MINIMUM salary cap. Teams like the Florida Marlins, Houston Astros should not be rewarded with money by failing to put a competitive team on the field. The fans should NOT be punished by their owner desire for mediocrity. There needs to be competition.

Eliminate the salary cap. Except for rookies

Eliminate any tax exempt status by all owners. Sorry you do business in this country you pay taxes.

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Robert E Wilson said...

Fans being punished? Fans have the freedom to root for whatever team they wish. If a "fan" insists on supporting and paying money to a team they feel isn't representing themselves well enough, the fan is punishing himself/herself.

Why do you want to eliminate salary caps? That is what makes the NFL so great. The small town of Green Bay Wisconsin can put a competitive team on the field almost every year because they are a well-run organization.

Your own examples of the Marlins and Astros show why baseball needs a salary cap. At best, a small-market team can compete for a year or two, then they have to let go of the players who suddenly want the big bucks. This doesn't happen in the NFL. The Pirates are in this quandry right now.

Understand that in general, I'm not in favor of caps of any kind (high or low). Sports are different though, they are CLOSED SYSTEMS unlike the free market.