Monday, May 17, 2010

Nice People

Nice to count on good old fashioned racism from Pat Buchanan who said over the weekend there are "too many jews on the Supreme Court". Actually Pat there are too many right-wing activist judges who care only about pushing their agenda instead of ruling on the law on the Supreme Court. That's the problem.

And again getting back to how the right just throws the word Nazi out in describing the President. Of course the latest is Newt Gingrich

Like I said they either don't really understand what Hitler ACTUALLY DID or they don't care what he did. Either way it's disgusting!


Robert E Wilson said...

In following your own link, the only time Gingrich used the term "Nazi" is in the following sentence:

"I compare that as a threat, not in terms of the moral — look, there is no comparison to Nazi Germany as a moral — or, by the way, to Mao's China or the Soviet Union, all three of which were evil."

That is not calling Obama a Nazi under any interpretation.

Erik said...

yes Robert it actually does. Ive seen the full quote and wouldn't comment if it didn't. But I guess in your world vs reality it might not but in the real world where I live it does.

Erik said...

And Robert comparing anything to nazi in general has to stop. As ive said its disgusting and the right throws it out every chance possible

Erik said...

I guess you don't understand. I guess I shouldn't be surprised