Thursday, December 02, 2010

This is a priority?

So Republicans sent a letter saying they are going to block ALL legislation until they get their tax cuts for the millionaires. What does that say about bi-partisanship? What does that say how they feel about people who actually deserve tax cuts? What does it say how they feel about America? It says like everything else they do is they hate Americans and they hate the worker.


Robert E Wilson said...

You complain that their should be jobs. Not raising the taxes of employers is the way to get them.

Erik said...

When taxes were cut for the wealthy what happened? Oh yeah jobs were lost AT RECORD LEVELS and oh yeah THE DEFICIT RAN WILD. I realize you as a typical Republican have a short memory but thatis why your voodoo economics always fail the united states economy always

Robert E Wilson said...

Check your history, you are 100% wrong. From 2003 to 2006, the economy boomed. Unemployment was 4 to 5% and the U.S. Treasury received record-high tax revenues. That's right! Lowering taxes raises revenues - EVERY TIME!

John F. Kennedy lowered taxes for higher wage earners. Result: The economy boomed and tax revenues increased.

Ronald Reagan lowered taxes for higher wage earners. Result: The economy boomed and tax revenues increased.

George H.W. Bush raised taxes for higher wage earners. Result, the economy went down and tax revenues decreased (the opposite result of what Bush was told would happen. He was a one term President because of this.)

Bill Clinton pretty much left the tax rates the same. Result, the economy limped along, went up briefly during the boom and went down again.

Do you see a pattern here?

Robert E Wilson said...

This leads to the question - What would you do?

Erik said...

What would I do.... Fine companies that ship jobs overseas. We need to keep jobs here. Put a tariffs on U.S. companies who have headquarters overseas like Halliburton, make sure goods are made hear. I saw a United States flag that was made in Mexico. That's so wrong. Fix are crumbling roads (that would create jobs) build better transportation such as faster trains like they have in Japan and Europe. You don't seem to have any ideas as always.

Robert E Wilson said...

That's a very bad answer, Erik. You want to further punish the very people who provide jobs. If you don't want jobs sent overseas, then be willing to work harder and for less money. Also, stop buying stuff from overseas. Employers have the right to want the most value for their money, just like you.

Your ideas suggest protectionism and isolationism. It doesn't work. It was tried before during the Great Depression. It was tried in the Soviet Union, it is in use today in countries like North Korea. It doesn't work!

Fixing crumbling roads and improving transportation is fine but it won't improve the economy since those jobs are at the expense of taxpayers, anyways.

Free market, free market, free market.

Incidentally, Mexico isn't overseas. Did you mean "out of country"?