Monday, November 21, 2011

One more

Here is another example of racism of Pat Buchanan


Robert E Wilson said...

I'm not a fan of Pat Buchanan. He comes across as stuffy, conceited, and bland. Personally, I believe this is exactly why he is a commentator on MSNBC. This is how they want people to perceive conservatives.

I'm not going to defend him to the hilt. He obviously writes stuff that invites the kind of scrutiny that he gets from people like you, Erik. However, I want you to know I read and listened to everything you linked here and in your earlier post. I believe I can fully qualify my statements. First of all, consider the source for all these links. MediaMatters is a George Soros' funded entity that is in the business of twisting facts for the left.

MSNBC's Buchanan Refuses To Condemn 'Pro-White' Radio Program He Repeatedly Appeared On

Here, I don't see anything Buchanan says that would be interpreted as racism. As he says, he isn't responsible for beliefs of a radio station where he made an appearance.

Pat Buchanan Won't Disavow Idea That Minorities Have Inferior Genes

Actually, when I read this headline, I thought that maybe I would have to eat my words as the belief that a group of people have 'inferior genes' is really damning. However, In reading the article and listening to the interview, Buchanan NEVER SAYS the term 'inferior genes'. Instead, it is the host (Hartmann) who repeatedly uses the phrase and tries unsuccessfully to bait Buchanan into admitting that minorities have 'inferior genes'. Actually, at around 2:40 into the interview, Buchanan gives a pro-semetic remark about how Jewish children usually do well in school because of strong family support that is common in the Jewish community.

Pat Buchanan: American Jews Made 'Collective Decision' To Abort Themselves Out Of Existence

Buchanan: The U.S. Hispanic Population 'Will Have As Much In Common With Mexico As It Does With The United States'

Pat Buchanan: Blacks Have Lost The American Identity They Had During Segregation

Experts Dispute Buchanan On Race And Crime

I'm going to group these since they basically are the same theme. The theme is "Buchanan says something negative about a minority group so he is a racist." Now I'm not going to do the same research that Buchanan apparently did. Just understand that IT'S NOT RACISM IF IT'S TRUE!. Buchanan backs his statements with his research. If you've done your own research that rebukes Buchanan's, then you can dispute him and call him racist. Otherwise, all you are really doing is calling him names because you don't like what he wrote or said.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Robert E Wilson said...

I should also point out that Buchanan is just a commentator that occasionally appears on other host's shows. In fact, until you brought it up, I honestly didn't know he was ever on MSNBC. I usually just saw him on the McGlaughlin Group.

Al Sharpton, a vile human being in my opinion, is a regular host on MSNBC.