Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rough Week

I leave town for 5 days and all hell breaks loose. Where to begin

Congrats to the Boston P.D. for capturing one of the two terrorist suspects for the bombing of the marathon. You were strong. You got him.

Shame on the Senate for failing to protect it's citizens. I always find it funny for those who claim to be "pro life" supports guns which only take lives. That is their only purpose and you will in no way shape or form convince me otherwise and for those who might I just ask.. How many drive by stabbings or hanging have you heard of??

Thoughts and prayers to those effected by the tragedy in Texas. I find it funny though how hypocrite Rick Perry has the nerve to ask for Federal Money with all his claims on how bad the Federal Government is. Oh wait he is a Republican so he is a walking hypocrite like the rest of them.

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