Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who gets to vote

So with the gutting of the Voting Rights act by the Supreme Court I would like to remind people a few things. I consider the right to vote the most scared right. I haven't missed an election since I became of legal to vote in 1988.

Republicans don't want you to vote. We can take a look at recent history where Republicans didn't want the legal votes to count in Florida in 2000, or Ohio in 2004, or what they are doing today in Texas, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and many other states the clear indication is they don't want every citizen who is eligible to vote to be able to do that.

The facts show.

you see Democrats want everyone who is to be allowed to vote and whatever the results are they are. Republicans can't win on issues or even have a honest discussion of them so they have to cheat. That's the only way they know how.

And by the way do follow up on my last post about Ted Cruz, sorry just because you renounce your Canadian citizenship doesn't mean you are a U.S. citizen.


Robert E Wilson said...

"Republicans don't want you to vote."

I'll add that to the list of Stupidest Remarks Ever Made.

"Scared Right" - There's another one.

Ted Cruz's parents are American citizens. So is Ted Cruz.

I was born in Canada as well but I am an American citizen.

Erik said...

I point out the laws PROHIBITING PEOPLE WHO ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE who aren't being allowed.

You aren't an American Citizen Cruz can't run for President.

Erik said...

The facts are there Robert. You don't show proof otherwise.

Erik said...

Look at the laws passed in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio. Republicans are not allowing people who can to vote.

Robert E Wilson said...

I apologize, Erik. I didn't realize that when you wrote "Republicans don't want you to vote.", you were addressing illegal aliens and not American citizens. You should clarify that next time as I didn't realize illegal aliens were your target audience.

"Your aren't an American Citizen."
Then how in the hell have I been able to vote all these years?