Saturday, February 15, 2014

Who is for Freedom

I find it amusing how the right claims they are about Freedom but if you look at what they actually do they show they are against it... Want proof??

Who is against the Freedom of people choosing to marry the person they love no matter what that person's sex is??

Who is also against the Freedom to Vote??

Who is against the Freedom to choose if people want to join unions??

Who is against the Freedom to choice on abortion??

So Republicans are the ones against Freedom ladies and gentlemen


Robert E Wilson said...

"Who is against the Freedom of people choosing to marry the person they love no matter what that person's sex is?"

Gay people can do whatever the hell they want to (behind closed doors). However, for many of us, the words "marry" or "marriage" have a specific meaning handed down from a much higher power than the Federal Government. The freedom this issue is about is "freedom of religion" which apparently, you, and much of the Left are against.

"Who is also against the Freedom to Vote?"

Nobody! We are against the ability to vote more than once, vote when not a citizen, vote in place of someone else, or take a dead person's name and vote with it. In other words, we are FOR THE LAW to protect our freedoms. If these laws can be easily broken, then there is no freedom.

"Who is against the Freedom to choose if people want to join unions?"

The furor is over public unions, not so much, private ones. Public unions seem to be impervious to economic conditions. They seem to feel they deserve more and more of my tax dollars, always. Unions are not about choice. Unions FORCE PEOPLE TO JOIN and the members are FORCED to pay dues which are then used to support the political will of the union leaders (which, of course, is almost always, to the Democrats). In other words, a conservative member of a union is forced to fund his/her opposition. That's not freedom.

"Who is against the Freedom [of] choice on abortion?"

YOU ARE! You don't want the individual sovereign states to have a choice. I don't care what the Supreme Court says, the Constitution (you know, that certain document that was written to protect our freedoms and rights) clearly states that issues such as abortion and gay marriage are not in the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. They are up to the individual states.

You shouldn't be arguing that you and the Left are pro-freedom. Everything about you states otherwise.

Erik said...

Here is what I suggest to you Robert... If you don't want any Government interference NEVER take a Freeway since that was built by the Government, NEVER take the train, NEVER take a road in fact never leave your house since basically everything is built by the government, I also suggest you never file for unemployment if you lose your job and NEVER THINK about contacting the government if god forbid anything happens to your house in terms of an earthquake or any of the many natural disasters that can happen here in California. If you can do those things (personally you can't) then complain otherwise SHUT UP!

Robert E Wilson said...

Where is that coming from?

Tell me where in my statements above where I say I don't want any government? Where in the statements above am I complaining? In my second paragraph, I even say I am FOR THE LAW so how can I be against government?

FYI: The Interstate Highway system (set up during the Eisenhower Administration) was not put there for commuters. It was set up so military vehicles could travel easily from state to state. Look it up.

I've paid enough taxes in my lifetime so yes, I'm going to try to reap what I can from that so if I do like you say and never leave my house, I'm ripping myself off because government is going to collect those taxes anyways.

Also, I am unemployed and I'm not collecting unemployment.