Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Thing

So to say we have a Muslim problem in this country as GOP front runner Donald Trump indicated, I'd like to ask if he's really looked at the last several attacks.

Oklahoma City
Las Vegas

I can go on and on.

The fact was the common factor in all of these" Christians

Facts are facts.

Now obviously the 9/11 attacks were Muslims. But that being said, a majority of the attacks in this country are done by Christians.

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Robert E Wilson said...

First of all, Christians outnumber Muslims in America substantially so Christian atrocities are going to outnumber Muslim atrocities. Why didn't you also point out that Christians give much more to charity than any other religious group?

Secondly, bad Muslims seem to do their dirty deeds in the name of "Allah" and "Muhammad". Most of the dirty deeds done by bad Christians are often, perhaps mostly, about something else. Muslims can point to specific passages instructed by their prophet to justify their actions. No Christian can use their prophet in the same manner.

Finally, you apparently forgot or never knew that the Columbine shooters were specifically shooting kids at the school who were Christian. Maybe their parents were Christians, but obviously, the shooters were not identifying themselves as Christian.