Sunday, November 22, 2015

short memories

I always am amused by the double standard from the GOP.

I remember in 2008 one of their complaints about the candidate NOW PRESIDENT Obama was he didn't have enough experience to be President.

Now looking the current leaders of the GOP nominees are Donald Trump and Ben Carson WHO HAVE EXACTLY 0 EXPERIENCE.

Yeah hypocrites to say the least.


Robert E Wilson said...
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Robert E Wilson said...

That depends on what experience you are referring too.

Trump: Plenty of experience in how the financial world works. Plenty of experience in decision-making. Plenty of experience in people management and dealing with people from other countries. No experience in government.

Fiorina: Ditto

Cruz: Fairly good amount of experience in government (look at his resume, he has been plenty more than just a senator). Not much else except he was an exceptional student at Princeton and Harvard.

Rubio: Has been involved in politics since 2000.

Carson: Exceptional doctor and surgeon. How that translates into politics, I'm not sure.

Obama (2008): Limited experience as a Senator. Not much else and his educational records are sealed.