Saturday, September 03, 2016

Read History

So according to Huckabee and Carlson, anyone who calls Trump on his bullshit and anyone who supports Colin Kaepernick needs to leave America.

I have a suggestion for them. Read history. America was founded out of protest of the treatment from the British. And if critics of Trump need to leave how about those who attacked President Obama over the years. But I forget that's ok cause in their feeble minds he's not even from America.


Robert E Wilson said...

Here is what Mike Huckabee said:
"I mean, I think we ought to take a certain NFL quarterback, ask him where he’d like to go and send him there with all of these liberals who somehow resent this country."

Now read again what you stated he said. Maybe you'll realize you are distorting his statement (Probably not but I'll suggest it anyways).

I personally like something else Huckabee said:

"Calling a communist a communist is 'hate speech'. Calling a conservative a Nazi is 'free speech'. A Christian who expouses traditional biblical doctrine 'a bigot', but the people who tell Christians to shut up and go away are the 'open-minded voices of tolerance'."

Erik said...

But Republicans say that all the time. You can look on this side of hundreds of examples of Republicans saying leave to democrats. So Robert thanks for making my point.

Robert E Wilson said...

Just merely point out that it's an option.

That wasn't your point.