Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Difference

So here is the big difference between Robert and myself. I will say something and explain why I am saying that with links to stories and quotes from the people I'm talking about. Robert on the other hand will make a quote and do nothing to back it up.

Here is two examples of recent posts. Robert said that I cannot call more of the same McCain a racist in fact, here is his quote "I'm no fan of McCain but calling him a racist is totally uncalled for.

You should tread carefully here Erik. It is Obama who is showing himself to be racist."

First that sounds like a threat to me. Second there is no explanation why Robert feels that way as always third it's a false statement. I have examples why I made my statement and why I feel that way. Robert is as usual blank other then saying right-wing talking points and not having a mind of his own.

And I should "tread carefully" sounds like a threat. I'm looking at the facts starting with his voting record (which again I have in my archives) and basing on that as well as quotes (which I have also in my archives) and actions like the previous couple of posts down.

By the way Robert you also falsely claimed Obama will be worse then more of the same McCain yet again never offered explanations why. So as usual you make a baseless argument like the Republican poster boy you are.

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