Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nice Guy

Why is this not news or should we not be surprised on this. I know Keith Olbermann reported this yesterday but this is just added to a long list of racism from more of the same McCain or at least his staff.


He had his staff throw out the lone African American reporter at an event in Florida last week. It really shows how pathetic he is but given his stance on Martin Luther King day he has a history. Remember that.


Robert E Wilson said...

I'm no fan of McCain but calling him a racist is totally uncalled for.

You should tread carefully here Erik. It is Obama who is showing himself to be racist.

Erik said...

Obviously you are not following the election cause who is really being racist especially with his adds is more of the same McCain and if YOU are blind to this fact YOU are treading the waters. Take a REAL look at what's going on.