Saturday, January 15, 2011

The big issue

I want to talk about the big issue regarding the tragedy in AZ. Actually there are a few. Media maters has a great piece about how the right constantly uses threats of violence against the left. You had the drug addict Limbaugh openly calling for the overthrow of the President, you had Sharon Angle calling for "second amendment remedies" you have Sarah Palin and the disgusting cross hair add on her website, Bill O'Idiot about Dr. Tiller and you can go on and on. You see I believe in an honest debate. We have the right to agree and disagree as much as we want. But when there are threats, and you have people who are weak minded, and you have such easy access to guns, the situation becomes like in AZ. That is what really needs to change. the threats. And for those who don't think words matter I have two examples. First Charles Manson, he never killed anyone but his words influenced his followers to kill. Second the Ft. Hood shooter, everyone accepts the fact that he was influenced by the words of a Muslim Cleric.

By the way one  note about Mrs. Palin. In defending herself (not apologizing) she used the term "blood libel" in attacks against those who dare to question her. Blood libel is a disgusting anti-semetic term used by Christians against Jewish people. I know she knows that and I will not let people forget she used that term and what it says about her.

One more  note and that's about yours truly. When the shooting happened I assumed by logic (wrongly) that the shooter was an active tea party member. The fact that this was a congresswomen and judge who have received death threats. As of this moment I am wrong.

Last thing speaking of the tea party. Those sick freaks are using this tragedy to hold fundraisers. Nice people huh?

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