Sunday, January 16, 2011


So there is an op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times by an other Stephen Randall. He is actually comparing Glen Beck and what he says to Keith Olbermann and what he says. Of course Mr. Randall is wrong. You see Kieth Olbermann never threatens anyone like Beck does. He never calls Republicans racists who hate black people like Beck has said about President Obama (he said Obama is a racist who hates white people). In fact if you search your recent history about Mr. Beck (and I use Mr. loosely) he is responsible for the deaths of Pittsburgh Pa. police officers

He was also responsible for an incident that was luckily stopped in Oakland

You cannot say Keith Olbermann cause he hasn't and if he has I wouldn't be having this conversation. Threat speech comes from the right who take advantage of week minded people to carry out their dirty work. Until they are arrested and charged as accessories to these crimes (examples I posted yesterday show you can) more incidents like those in Tuscon will continue to happen.

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