Friday, September 05, 2014

The real problem

So Los Angeles wants to have a lottery type system to try to encourage people to vote. I have a few ideas to remedy that.

I've said it before I'll say it again. I think the right to vote is our most sacred right. To me there is no more honor then voting. That's why I'm hard on people who vote to restrict voting. AKA most recently the Supreme Court.

First not so many propositions. Really most of them should be settled in Sacramento.but lazy people there don't do the work.

Second there are too many elections. 3 sometimes 4 a year. There should be a  primary, then general election. a 3rd if a runoff is necessary

Third ads. There are too many ads. There should be a limit. I'm already hearing ads about a prop in November. It's stupid. And that is thanks to Citizens United.

Fourth there needs to be people we can have faith in. Usually the choices are between the lesser of two evils. People who instead of tell us what they want to do they attack the other person. Then they get to office and do nothing.That is a turnoff

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