Saturday, June 25, 2016

No Religion

We aren't hearing about their religion are we??


Robert E Wilson said...

That's probably because he didn't base his actions on his religious beliefs.

Erik said...

How do we know?

And by the way the more we are learning about Orlando the more we learn his attack wasn't solely about religion but a man deep in conflict with himself and his own identity. A man who shouldn't have had access to guns but with the lose gun laws in Florida was able to get them like that.

Robert E Wilson said...

Erik, come on now! There has never been a serial killer or mass murderer that didn't fit the "internal conflict/identity" profile. There are organizations out there that recruit and use people like this to do their evil for them. Many, if not most (I'm not saying "all") of these organizations today are sects of a certain "religion of peace".