Monday, June 13, 2016

One More Thing

If we, as a country, single out the shooter in Orlando (I won't say his name) cause he was Muslim, then we need to single out the religion of the Planned Parenthood shooter in Colorado, the church shooter in South Carolina, the school shooter in Newtown and every religion involved in every mass shooting.

If you single out one cause of their religion then you need to point them all out.

But that doesn't fit the discussion.


Robert E Wilson said...

Yeah, it does actually. The Orlando guy did what he did in the name of Islam. The 911 guys did the same. The Fort Hood guy the same. The San Bernardino couple the same.

It's by far more the exception than the rule when a someone does something evil in the name of Christianity.

Erik said...

Sandy Hook, Colorado Springs, Charleston, Columbine, Oklahoma City, Denver, Kansas City, The Temple In Wisconsin, were all done by Christians, yet they were just "troubled"

Erik said...

Hate to let facts get in the way but more mass shootings in this country have been done by white christians.

Erik said...

We could also add Waco and Bundy and Oregon

Robert E Wilson said...

No Erik! Not one of your examples makes your argument. None of them did their acts in the name of Christianity. Timothy McVeigh wasn't Christian and admitted to HATING CHRISTIANS. The Columbine kids weren't Christian either. They specifically picked out the Christians in the school to shoot at. These people didn't say "I did this for Jesus!" or anything of the sort.

Christians are not the problem. Muslims are not the problem either. However, it has been demonstrated that there are indeed Mosques and Islamic sects that do use the Qur'an to teach terrorism. There is a "Radical Islam" problem.