Tuesday, August 02, 2016

No Violence Eh?


So Trump said he doesn't encourage violence. I bring this quote

Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone gave an illuminating and unhinged interview to Breitbart last week about the issue of election fraud, outlining his pet theories about polling numbers and election day returns (one example: “[Trump is] leading in Florida. The polls all show it. If [he] loses Florida, we will know that there’s voter fraud.”) He also beseeched Trump to incite civil disobedience if he uncovers instances of “election fraud” and Hillary Clinton wins.
“I think he’s gotta put them on notice, that their inauguration will be a rhetorical — and when I mean civil disobedience, not violence — but it will be a bloodbath,” he said. “The government will be shut down if they attempt to steal this and swear Hillary in. No, we will not stand for it. We will not stand for it.”

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