Monday, August 01, 2016

Wrong Again

So with this Trump attacking the parents of a fallen soldier John McCain chimed in saying "Trumps views do not represent those of the Republican Party"

John John John, Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. His views represent those of the people who nominated him, those who voted for him. So John, his view DO represent those of the Republican party.

You wanted Trump, you got him.

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Robert E Wilson said...

So whatever Trump says is what the Republicans believe. So,,, in using that logic, I must assume that that must also be true of Democrats.

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee, voted in favor of the Iraq War. Therefore, that must mean this view "represents those of the people who nominated [her].

I look forward to reading all the retractions you are going to have to make in this blog. You know what I mean? I mean your apologies for all the anti-Iraq War posts you've made.

After all, you're a Democrat and she represents your beliefs, right?