Friday, January 06, 2017

Here are a few ideas

Here are simple gun rules that gun buyers should not mind.

1) Strict background checks that the guy buyer has to pay for. I mean if you have nothing to hide you shouldn't care.
2) If people who don't pass background checks are still given guns, the gun shop owners are arrested it's on them to do the proper screening
3) Strict training that the gun buyer has to pay for before owning his gun. They should be trained on proper use of a gun.
4) Strict penalties for gun use in crimes. You kill someone you should be killed. You try to take a life and they survive your life needs to be locked away forever.
5) If minors are involved in gun crimes their parents should be charged as accessories. I mean if you don't know what your child is doing you should.
6) The Gun Makers should be sued if their guns are used in crimes. The best change should come when it affects the makers pocketbooks are affected.

Keep in mind I'm not saying anyone should not be allowed to get guns. But simple procedures can be followed.

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Erik said...

add number 8) If you are on the no fly list, you are not allowed to buy a gun. Under any circumstance.