Sunday, January 08, 2017

Sunday Funday

Just for laughs...

But now for a serious I can answer this question.. The headline in the Los Angeles Times today asks if Trump owes his victory to Russia.

That answer is HELL YES.

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Robert E Wilson said...

Hell No!

You said it yourself that Clinton ran an "awful campaign". Don't get me wrong, Russia committed illegal acts but they didn't do anything to force people to vote for Trump. America made it's choice and they chose against the despicable candidate with no message that is corrupt beyond belief. The DNC disenfranchised its own voters by strategically putting Clinton ahead of Sanders - persuading many would-be Sanders voters to stay home.

Stop blaming Russia. Stop blaming WikiLeaks. Stop blaming the KKK or whatever else you want to throw in there. Just for once, realize your candidate sucked and allowed a populist, pseudo-conservative to win the election.

Don't throw the popular vote argument at me either. Trump won 3,084 of 3,141 counties. That means over 98% of counties in the United States voted for Trump. You know as well as I do that there are pockets of America that are all-blue (you know, the welfare-dominated ones) and that's the only reason the popular vote went to Clinton. Most of "America" voted for Trump and it had absolutely nothing to do with Russia.