Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stupid Comments from Guess who?

Wow it didn't take long for the second stupid comments to come from conservatives about the Virgina Tech Shootings. For the first see the post below. Here is the second from Nathanial Blake at Human Events. (thanks to thinkprogress.org):

College classrooms have scads of young men who are at their physical peak, and none of them seems to have done anything beyond ducking, running, and holding doors shut. Meanwhile, an old man hurled his body at the shooter to save others.

Something is clearly wrong with the men in our culture. Among the first rules of manliness are fighting bad guys and protecting others: in a word, courage. And not a one of the healthy young fellows in the classrooms seems to have done that. …

Like Derb, I don’t know if I would live up to this myself, but I know that I should be heartily ashamed of myself if I didn’t. Am I noble, courageous and self-sacrificing? I don’t know; but I should hope to be so when necessary.

So let me understand, men are cowards? At least the men being SHOT AT?? Man this is sick. I don't think he should know what anyone else thinks and to call them cowards is probably the most disgusting thing I've heard.

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