Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Point Counterpoint

While trying to figure out what slime the Republicans are going to try to bring up against the next President Barrack Obama whatever they try Obama can counter. Here are some examples:

Republicans will try to use Rev. Wright against Obama. Obama can counter with more of the same McCain's association with Hagee.

Republicans can try to use the bitter comments Obama said. Obama can counter with the not important when troops come home comments or we will be in Iraq for 100 years comments.

Republicans can try to claim about Obama's voting record claiming how liberal it is. Obama can counter with more of the same McCain voting with Republicans 85% of the time.

Republicans can claim how inexperienced Obama is on National Security and the phony war on terror. Obama can counter how the person behind the attacks on 9/11 is still at large and how Bush has said he doesn't think about him anymore. Obama can also remind how during a Democratic Administration (President Bill Clinton) both times there were attacks (the first World Trade Center Bombing and Oklahoma City) the people behind them were caught, convicted and are currently serving sentences or put to death!

Any attack Republicans can come up with against Obama he can counter.

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