Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who Hurts

While over on Robert's website he jumps on the Bush everything in the economy's ok bandwagon REAL people are hurting in today's economy. Just yesterday United Airlines laid off several hundred pilots (some serving in Iraq to further insult our troops) but you don't hear about small businesses also hurting. I found this to make my point.


So Robert people are hurting right now despite your misinformed views.

By the way if you wanna see something really funny Tom sent me this one and I found a link for him.



Robert E Wilson said...

Once again, I don't appreciate you referencing me falsely.

I suggest reading my posts if you know how.

Erik said...

I did. Robert I guess you need to look at what you said. If you want i can paste it. You don't like what you said so you blame it on me like the typical right-winger you are. Here are YOUR quotes:

Then we hear about house foreclosures, food shortages, and massive layoffs in the auto industry. Indeed, the economic news has been virtually 100% negative in the past few months. It's no surprise then, that polls show that most Americans believe we are in a recession.

We hear about these things cause they ARE an issue. They are a fact of life for a lot of people no matter what the income is. And we don't believe we are in a recession CAUSE WE ARE IN A RECESSION!

I guess you didn't get the memo on that. That is not a false reference you said it on your website.

"But here's the rub; A recession is explicitly defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. Well, as it turns out, the GDP (that's gross domestic product) of 4'th quarter 2007 and 1'st quarter 2008 were positive, that's right, positive. Yes, they were the lowest in six years but when you think about recession, you have to realize it's about negative economic growth for two consecutive quarters. We don't have negative growth for even one!"

Tell this to all the tens of thousands of people who are laid off. Tell that to the people who can't afford gas or food cause the prices have shot up tremendously. Again Robert that is from YOUR WEBSITE and NOT REFERENCING YOU FALSELY!

"Well, it just happens to be an election year. Our friends of the main stream media are up to their usual tricks. They repeatedly pound in our heads that the economy is sagging. On top of that, they tell us that the Presidential election is focused on the economy. No wonder since that's all that seems to be reported now a days."

The media reports the news. That is their job. People like you and I interpret the news how they feel but in the end their job is to report the stories of interest. It's not the media's fault they are in this and again that is from YOUR WEBSITE .

Really the bottom line is you interpret what I say how you feel and I interpret what you say. But again I'm using your words from your website. Just like you do for mine.

One more thing you might want to start putting links when you make statements like the economic growth otherwise you are just making that up.

Erik said...

The bottom line Robert is you are blaming the media and everyone (including me) when the bottom line is we are hurting and Bush isn't doing a damn thing. He is the "decider" and he decided, like he has done with everything else, to dump it on Obama when he becomes President.

Robert E Wilson said...

"But here's the rub; A recession is explicitly defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth."

National GDP

There's your link. What does it say POSITIVE GDP!

In case you missed it. I'll repeat it.

What does that mean? Read my quote above.


Now, look at this link:
The Recession of 2001

Our last recession was in 2001. Unemployment was higher and inflation was higher than now. Where was this news?