Thursday, July 23, 2009

Myths from Republicans

So every time I hear Republicans speak they talk about competition. They want businesses to compete, which in term will reduce costs or so they claim. They claim how regulation doesn't work (which has been proven wrong time and time again) and the free market should set itself.

I bring this up cause there is an opportunity to test the theory with healthcare. Of course Republicans are against it claiming they would rather break the President instead of taking care of a major issue from the United States. What this would do if passed is CREATE COMPETITION instead of having a few companies control everything which, in term should do exactly what Republicans claim competition does and lower prices.

Republicans only goal is do embarass the President. I have not seen them offer, as always, any alternatives and I hope this is noted next election and they sink further into the hole they are already in.


Robert E Wilson said...


Oh, you mean how that when I send a letter to my Uncle back east, how I can pick which postal service to use? It's really handy too because you know how there is that one postal service that has the real cheap stamps but always seems to take a little longer than that other service with the more expensive stamps.

You must be referring to the choices a parent has when deciding where to educate their children. Some schools do cost a little more. I wonder if they are worth it? I've sure seen a lot of those TV commercials where the schools are trying so hard to outdo each other academically and compete for the parent's education dollars.

You must be talking about how I have such a choice amongst cable TV suppliers. That must be why cable TV is so damned cheap.

Erik said...

Again that goes to another myth about Republicans about de-regulation. Robert you can't win on this cause you know I'm right and the fact that, as always, you never make an argument about MY POINT and drift all over the places shows it

Erik said...

Where are Republican alternatives? No where as always. You are NOT about COMPETITION but CORPORATE PROFITS.

Robert E Wilson said...

Don't tell me I know you're right. How insulting! How would you like it if I said "Erik really is a conservative and just pretends."?

I have my own alternative but my idea is so radical (it has to do with doctors making medical decisions) that it would never happen.

As for Republicans, many don't want anything done. They see that 86% of Americans are satisfied or very satisfied with the current system (that includes the uninsured) and think the best thing to do is leave it be. When was the last time any government entity received an 86% approval rating?

The real myth is the so-called "healthcare crisis".