Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Speech vs Hate Speech

I'd like to talk about the psycho Glen Beck for a minute. He, like a lot of Republicans lately, have been spewing raw hatred toward the elected President. He has a right and a forum to say what he wants but I wonder, especially after calling President Obama a racist, if a line wasn't crossed.

There was a great documentary on HBO about free speech called "Shouting Fire" and that got me thinking what line would have to be crossed for people to be dealt with on their jobs. Beck and Rush are the most logical examples for the hatred they preach from their listeners and viewers. To me they should have been fired years ago but I don't make that call I choose not to listen or watch them because in my view they, like many Republicans (mind you I'm not saying all), are showing who they really are.

But really the line crossed is when you make threats. It's illegal to threaten the President whether you mean it or not. Michelle Bachman of Mn. threatened the President on the floor of the House when she said "a revolution is a good thing" Rush said "maybe we can bring the people of Hondorus here to get our Government back" those are threats and they really should be treated as such and those people should be dealt with. That is why there has been an increase in violence and I have a few examples which you can look in my archives of the words directed murders. That's a line that needs to be monitored and as I said dealt with.

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