Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bottom line

So with the revelation during the week by wasting time with taxpayer money Gloria Aldred that Meg Whitman I hope a couple of things will happen:

One: Whitman is a typical Republican. She lies.
Two: Whitman is a hypocrite. Again typical Republican
Three: More proof how nothing will ever be done by either party on illegal immigration. Republicans don't want to because they like cheap labor and Democrats don't want to cause they don't want to hurt their base.

You see really this isn't really an issue and not a reason not to vote for Whitman. There are many other reasons such as her record. All that this shows is she is a typical Republican

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Robert E Wilson said...

From everything I have read and heard, Meg Whitman did all the right things.

She used an accredited agency to hire a housekeeper.

Upon receiving a letter from the Social Security Administration stating there was a problem with Nicky Diaz's social security number, Whitman's husband gave Diaz the benefit of any doubt and asked her to fix the issue. The letter also clearly stated that the letter cannot and should not be used to question Diaz's immigration status.

When Diaz finally confessed to Meg Whitman about her immigration status, Whitman appropriately fired her.

Meg Whitman did everything right. Nicky Diaz, on the other hand, fraudulently masqueraded herself as a legal resident by obtaining a phony driver's license and a phony Social Security number.

Gloria Allred is nothing but a political whore. Ask yourself; Would she have taken this case if it wasn't near an election? Do you think Allred gives a damn about Diaz? Obviously not as she publicly exposed Diaz as to who she is.

Again, Meg Whitman, a Republican did everything right. Gloria Allred, on the other hand, is an opportunistic whore for the Democratic Party.