Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams and Ginny Thomas

So I got a couple of topics I want to cover. One of my views might surprise you one probably won't. First I want to talk about Conservative commentator Juan Williams. He was fired from NPR for saying on Bill O'Idiots show how uncomfortable he is when he sees Muslims on airplanes. I'm sorry but he is saying how a lot of people, wrongly, feel about Muslims especially after 9/11. He is one though who is instead of conquering, giving into his fears as is so many. People like him would rather hate people then extend an olive branch.

Speaking of olive branches, Anita Hill received an unusual message from the wife of Clarence Thomas saying how SHE should apologize for HER actions during Thomas' hearings when he was nominated for the Supreme Court. I have an idea... First George H.W. Bush should apologize for nominating the man who never asks questions and is known to fall asleep during sessions, Thomas should apologize for giving us the second Bush as well as the nightmare citizens united ruling which actually benefits his wife who has a political action committee. When those things happens we can talk.


Bill C said...

Clarence still hasn't told me what movie has Long Dong Silver.

Robert E Wilson said...

Juan Williams is a liberal commentator.

Erik Weinberger said...

In what country robert

Robert E Wilson said...

Eh, this on of course.

Juan Williams believes in universal health care. He defends Obama's stimulus bill. He was against the Iraq war. He constantly criticized George W. Bush's policies. He supports just about everything having to do with Barack Obama.

Just because he regularly appears on Fox News doesn't make him conservative.