Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Couple of things

One last thing on the Juan Williams situation. I hear from the right about how they want a free market and all that BS but what happens in a free market is you can hire and fire anyone you please. What happened to Williams was exactly what should happen in a free market.

Now I would like to talk about the latest in attacks on Democrats by right wing nut jobs.
There was a rally for Rand Paul and a moveon supporter basically got stomped in the head by a Rand Paul supporter. The right encourages this behavior and its disgusting and until either the drug addict and sick Beck etc. start to condemn these attacks as far as I'm concerned they should be arrested as accessories to these crimes.


Robert E Wilson said...

I could not agree with you more about a free market company being able to hire and fire whomever they choose. Trouble is that NPR is not a free-market company, they are funded by our tax dollars. What's angering the right about all this is NPR is clearly left wing and has spewed left wing hatred in the past. If this was a private company, there's nothing wrong with that but some of us don't want our tax dollars funding this crap.

As for the Rand Paul supporter incident, yes it was disgusting, but of course you're utterly wrong in saying the right encourages this behavior. Of course the media conveniently forgot to mention that a female Paul supporter had been treated in a similar way when a woman wearing a cast on her surgically repaired foot was stomped on by a person, re-opening the wound and putting her back in the hospital.

Erik Weinberger said...

Have you seen bachman, Limbaugh, and recently the Rep from Texas openly calling for a "revolution " that's violence. I guess as always your blind to facts

Robert E Wilson said...

So the Beatles promoted violence in their song "Revolution"? When Obama was so popular, weren't many calling it "The Obama Revolution"?

Revolution doesn't mean violence.