Monday, November 08, 2010

If only

Of only the rules that applied to Kieth Olbermann applied to Republicans on tv and radio. He was suspended from MSNBC for exercising his first amendment right (according ti citizens united) for donating to Democrats during the campaign. That rule doesn't apply to Kudlow, who donates to Republicans, and Scarborough, who also donates to Republicans, but it applies to Olbermann, who donates to Democrats.

If the same double-standard applied to Fox, who donated millions to Republicans, they wouldn't have anyone on tv.

The late word was Olbermann will be back on Tuesday


Robert E Wilson said...

This had nothing to do with first amendment or what others are allowed to do. Keith Olbermann was under contract and the contract had a clause stating he can't make campaign contributions. Olbermann had signed the contract, meaning he agreed to it, and subsequently breached it. MSNBC had every right to fire him.

Erik said...

so the Republicans who broke the same rule got off without.a suspension was that right? I'm not questioning the rule but its enforcement is lacking

Robert E Wilson said...

What rule? Keep in mind Fox News doesn't have any such rule so Hannity and company can contribute to whomever they want.