Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So the latest is people complaining about the new TSA procedures at airports. Really the solution is simple.. If you don't like it don't fly. Sorry but what does it hurt to get there early. It's for your safety.

Also it's been 15 days since the Republicans took Congress.... WHERE ARE THE JOBS?


Bill C said...

I would also add the new pat down procedures are not intrusive or inappropriate at all. My next job will be with the TSA to search all young female passengers...

Robert E Wilson said...

Do you think it's getting to the airport early that is pissing people off. NO! It's now legal for pedofiles with TSA badges to freely reach into your 8 year old's pants and feel whatever he wants. It's now legal for badged perverts to look up skirts and feel whatever body part they deem necessary for our security. It's now legal for them to upload your naked body to YouTube.

I'm for profiling.

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