Thursday, May 31, 2007


You know I always find right-wingers odd but here is further proof: Right-wingers always seem to get into a fit when liberal-leaning actors/actresses say anything they will always disagree with them no matter how right they are and when right-wing actors/actresses speak they worship them. For instance probable Republican Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson. He did very little as a Republican Senator (compared to McCain and other front-runners) yet he is being deemed the front-runner if he runs for President. I mean it's not just him though we can go throughout Republican history and their Hollywood history in terms of pollitics and they just blindly support them. From Reagan who they claim is the greatest President (which is wrong) to our gov. Arnold to Sonny Bono. Just find it odd how they bash Hollywood repeatedly. Just shows as usual what hypocrites they are but again what else is new.

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