Monday, April 07, 2008

Guessing who is going to be Vice President

Right now candidates will be choosing who the Vice President choices should be. It's an important decision (especially for more of the same McCain) but let me give an idea who is on each one's short list:

Condoleeza Rice. I think she would be a good choice for him cause she would be a hit with the right wing. Would continue his policies (since his policies are the same as Bush) and would come across strong.

Alan Greenspan. I think he would be an interesting choice cause by more of the same McCain's own admission he doesn't know about the economy.

Joe Lieberman. If more of the same McCain wants more independent voters he would pick the Democratic turncoat in Lieberman.

Mike Huckabee. If more of the same McCain wants to go after the religious right he would pick him.

Mitt Romney. Has a huge wallet and that would be a plus for more of the same McCain.

Now for Clinton/Obama if they don't pick each other.

John Edwards. Solid heathcare plan would be a plus for either. Is an expert campaigner and honestly would be the best prepared if something awful should happen to Clinton or Obama.

Bill Richardson. Great choice especially if they want to court Latino Voters

Chris Dodd. Strong on Defense. Well experienced.

Wesley Clark. Ex-General. Lots of military experience. Strong choice.

Evan Bayh. Indiana Senator would help in the midwest area

Al Gore. I know this is a longshot but a choice of him would energize the Democratic Party even more then it is now.

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Erik said...

I forgot to add one more for more of the same McCain. Osama Bin Laden. After all who has done more for the Republican Party then him?