Monday, April 14, 2008

Who should be in

Everyone knows I'm a huge music fan. I love watching the inductions to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame but I was looking at the list and noticed a few names I feel should be in that aren't (as of yet). Here is my opinion (feel free to add or dispute anyone you wish. And this is according to the criteria that they have which is located at

Eddie Money. Probably the most controversial on the list but with hits ranging from Baby Hold on to Two Tickets to Paradise to Take Me Home Tonight among many others should be inducted.

The Moody Blues


Robert Palmer

Don Henley. Just as good as a solo artist as a member of the legendary Eagles (who are already in the Hall of Fame)


Peter Gabriel

Phil Collins

Pat Benatar

Quincy Jones (obviously as a producer)

And one more controversial one but again qualifies under the criteria: Weird Al Yankovic.

By the way the full list of entries is located here:


Robert E Wilson said...

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an absolute joke.

The Electric Light Orchestra is not in. This group that produced 19 top-40 hits from 1973 to 1986 (22 in the UK) deserves to be in more than anybody on this list (I consider Quincy Jones a tie) and more than 90% of those already inducted.

For that matter, Jeff Lynne easily belongs there strictly as a songwriter/producter. He revived the careers of George Harrison, Tom Petty, and Roy Orbison; not only with the Traveling Wilbury's, but he produced and wrote most of the songs in all their latest albums, all being quite successful.

Even if ELO and/or Jeff Lynne get inducted one day, I'll always consider the RRHOF a farce.

Incidentally, there is a petition to get ELO elected here.

Erik said...

You are right on that one. I should have listed them. My bad. They should absolutely be in.