Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two things

I'd like to talk about two things that are related. They might not seem that way but they are. I have two links:



Sorry for the long link on the 2nd one but that's how it is. Both of these links show a clear connection on how not only does the GOP not want you to vote but they do not want a paper trail after you vote. If there is a more obvious attempt to create voter fraud by the Republican Party I don't know what is.


Robert E Wilson said...

God forbid that you should want fairness in voting. Gee whiz, this is a no-brainer.

Erik said...

I DO want that. Republicans like YOURSELF don't!

Erik said...

There is nothing about these issues that is fair in anyway!

Erik said...

Keep in mind if every vote counted in 2000 Gore would have been elected and if every vote counted in 2004 Kerry would have been elected!

Robert E Wilson said...

If you want fairness in voting, then you'd realize that people voting multiple times has been a big issue in past elections. You'd also realize that many non-U.S. citizens have been voting in past elections. Having ID's is not going to completely solve these issues, but I'm glad something is being done.

It's been a while now but an organization (I can't remember the name) that was completely convinced that Gore won in Florida in 2000. They went to Florida and hand-counted every vote and gave every benefit of a doubt (i.e. hanging chad or mistaken vote for Buchanan) to Gore - sure that they would find Gore ahead.

They didn't and left Florida with tails between their legs.

Give the 2000 election a rest. Gore lost.

Erik said...

Gore didn't lose if he lost why did Republicans block every attempt to count all of the votes? And since I know you if this was Bush you would be complaining still too.