Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 of a kind

I'd like to talk about three hypocrisies going on yesterday. Two by Republicans and one by the President.

1) War funding vote. All but 5 Republicans voted against funding for the troops. Whenever Bush wanted funding Republicans resorted to their usual "un-american" or "treason" or "you do not support the troops" card for those who opposed it. Who really doesn't support the troops now as I've been saying all along.

2) Sen. John Ensign of Nevada (R). He was caught having an affair with a staff member. He is one who called for Larry Craig and Bill Clinton to resign for their affairs. Shouldn't he have to resign as well since he got caught? Oh year Republicans who have affairs don't have to do anything.

3) President Obama won't release the visitors list to the White House. I was pissed when Bush and Cheney wouldn't release the list and am equally upset. What does the President have to hide he promised a more open Government and this is one of the things he should be doing to show it.

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