Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So I see where President Obama signed a bill to mark 2011 as a year to honor Ronald Reagan's 100 birthday. I'm not sure if you realize Regan is, as I've said before, the most OVERRATED PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME! I don't know how people think he did as much as Republicans claim he did but he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AS PRESIDENT.Give me a break! He should have been in jail for Iran-Contra.


Tom Michael said...

That's not entirely fair. Ronald Reagan did at least one thing during his eight years as President - preside over the biggest tax INCREASE in American history! Something I'm sure all conservatives remember him for.

Erik said...

I thought it would be the fact he gave amnesty to illegal aliens.

Tom Michael said...

Then, that's two things! Here's #3 - he sent Donald Rumsfeld to give a cake to Sadaam Hussein and invited Hussein to become our ally. How'd that work out?