Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Words and consequences II

Remember a few months ago there was a threat assessment that had the right up in arms? It said had domestic right-wing hate groups were increasing and they needed to be monitored and the right was pissed off? Well it turned out it was dead on and the first victim was a Dr Tiller who was murdered in Kansas Sunday. His only crime was he performed abortions. Minding everyone it is a LEGAL PROCEDURE. A man associate with right-wing pro life groups gunned him in a church.

Why do I have the title words and consequences in my post? Well I'd like to present you with these links and how Fox News and specifically Bill O Idiot is an accessory in this murder by encouraging acts of violence. I know he will never be charged but he is clearly in part responsible:


Again I believe inciting violence is a crime and I believe O'Idiot should be charged. He continuously called him "Tiller the baby killer" and inciting the hatred toward him. He is nothing but scum and as far as I am concerned a murderer.


Robert E Wilson said...

Several things: I watched the video and the doctor was clearly grandstanding. He was able to get into his car but instead, elected to call 911 and claim that O'Reilly's people wouldn't let him.

He was targetted by O'Reilly for an abnormally large percentage of late term abortions whichi is an ILLEGAL PROCEDURE unless the mother is in danger.

Finally, what pissed off the right was that some were saying that all right-wing people were domestic terrorists and should be monitored. I for one, should not be held accountable for the actions of another just because we believe in some of the same things.

Erik said...

But again he did NOTHING ILLEGAL. He was a victim of a terrorist attack and should be treated as such. And no the report did not say that but I expected you wouldn't have seen that would you.

Robert E Wilson said...

You don't know he did nothing illegal. That's why he was being investigated.

Don't misconstrue that I'm in anyway condoning the actions of the murderer. I'm just saying that I didn't see anything wrong done by the reporters in the video that you say sparked the murder.

Erik said...

And actually Robert if O Idiot sent his producer for whatever reason to stalk me like he did them O Idiot would be in jail for harassment cause that's what he did. And being investigated doesn't mean he did anything. He did a LEGAL PROCEDURE and no less.

Erik said...

But Robert you again are not really talking the point and that is how O Idiot is an accessory to Tiller's murder by encouraging violence against him. There are a few examples and how the right is doing that in multiple murder cases now.