Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye Bye

Yet another possible contender for the Party of Cowards bit the dust as hopefully soon to be former South Carolina Gov. Mark Samford proved to be yet another hypocrite having and lying about an affair. I would like to take you back to 1998:

“The bottom line, though, is I am sure there will be a lot of legalistic explanations pointing out that the president lied under oath. His situation was not under oath. The bottom line, though, is he still lied. He lied under a different oath, and that is the oath to his wife. So it’s got to be taken very, very seriously.” [Sanford on Livingston, CNN, 12/18/98]

We ought to ask questions…rather than circle the wagons for one of our tribe.” [Sanford on how the GOP reacts to affairs, New York Post, 12/20/98]

“I think it would be much better for the country and for him personally (to resign). I come from the business side. If you had a chairman or president in the business world facing these allegations, he’d be gone.” [Sanford on Clinton, The Post and Courier, 9/12/98]

The issue of lying is probably the biggest harm, if you will, to the system of Democratic government, representatives government, because it undermines trust. And if you undermine trust in our system, you undermine everything.” [Sanford on Clinton, CNN, 2/16/99]

So since lying is an issue and you lied you should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. Just like you asked Bill Clinton.

Last thing I hope we learn about Republicans:

1) They are NOT the party of family values. They are a bunch of perverts and hypocrites!

2) They are NOT the party of fiscal responsibility.

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