Monday, December 14, 2009

Idiot of the week

This is a pure gem and easy choice for idiot of the week. It shows the ignorance and utter racism against President Obama. I present Mayor Rick Wiseman (R) of Arlington, Tennesse:


Ok, so, this is total crap, we sit the kids down to watch 'The Charlie Brown Christmas Special' and our muslim president is there, what a load.....try to convince me that wasn't done on purpose. Ask the man if he believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he will give you a 10 minute disertation (sic) about it....w...hen the answer should simply be 'yes' obama people need to move to a muslim country...oh wait, that's America....pitiful."

Then it gets even more pathetic:

"you know, our forefathers had it written in the original Constitution that ONLY property owners could vote, if that has stayed in there, things would be different"

So 1st even though he's shown he IS NOT A MUSLIM this idiot who represents the REPUBLICAN PARTY is way off. At least in California the Charlie Brown Christmas special was SHOWN LAST WEEK. I realize Tennessee is a backwards state but that's when it was shown here. Second he says what so many Republicans have been saying without being called out on and that's what I really find disgusting. There are no questions where he's from there are no questions that was an important speech ( Yes I would say that if that was Bush too cause I've always supported the war to get Bin Laden) third if the idiot was that concerned about Charlie Brown Christmas it IS on DVD or since again it is Tennesee VCR so it's easily obtainable. So congrats Rick Wiseman you are the idiot of the week.

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Tom Michael said...

Our forefathers also had it written into the original constitution that women couldn't vote, and that it was okay for people to own other people. When jackasses call for a return to so-called "original" constitutional principles, to me that's code for wanting to disenfranchise women and return to slavery.