Monday, December 28, 2009

Year End

I decided to give my year end idiot of the year award. There are so many candidates it's not funny but the winner truly defines the spirit of the award. Runners up include Sarah Palin, John McCain, Rush, Bill O Idiot but the winner is

The Tea Party Movement

Keep in mind they really don't understand what the Boston Tea Party is but I remember attenting a rally (and being escorted out) and just asking simple questions and being able to tell them their placement of anger is completely wrong. For instance

The Deficit. Democrats had a balanced budget REPUBLICANS under George Bush ran it up. Deomcrats when they were in charge of the country had a BUDGET SURPLUS. But that didn't stop them.

Taxes. To this point taxes haven't gone up in fact I'm getting more on my paycheck (not much) and so did everyone I ask. Again misplaced anger

Bank Bailouts. That was BUSH'S IDEA. Not Democrats.

So their main reasons at the first protest are all created by Republicans yet they are blaming Democrats. They are hypocrites and clearly the idiots of the year.


Tom Michael said...

But, with any luck, they'll be the ones in charge of the Republican Party next election! They've already lost a Republican seat to the Democrats in upstate New York, and they're PROUD of their accomplishment because it will teach the rest to follow them, or else not be nominated, so they can lose. To the Democrats. People who think the Earth is just 6,000 years old - the Palinocrats and Rushocrats and Dobsonocrats - can't think clearly: they'll believe what they want to believe, no matter the facts. And they'll lose. And the Republican party will eventually be replaced by a party of people who can think critically, instead of blindly following false beliefs -although many of them will still follow Adam Smith even though he's been mathematically been proven wrong. But that will take awhile, and the Democrats in power will screw it up in the meantime, so we'll rule for a bit and be replaced by something slightly more idiotic for a spell. This is the nature of American democracy at present.

Erik said...

I thought Rush was in charge of the Republican Party

Tom Michael said...

Rush is a tea-partier at heart, and would be more supportive of the movement if they'd worship him like the ditto-heads.

While I do hope he doesn't have heart problems - I don't wish those on anybody - I do hope he gets or has swine flu, since on his radio show he urged people not to get vaccinated. Now that he thinks he's a doctor - perhaps it's wishful thinking he could prescribe his own oxycontin? - he does deserve to risk death from a preventable illness he urged his listeners not to prevent. Fair is fair.