Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rating Obama

So I guess this is the time of year where President Obama is going to be rated on his first year. I guess I will do the same.

Where he gets good grades:

International. The nightmare policies that were done by the idiot Bush are a thing of the pass. Thank god. Obama is trying to erase the idiot's crap ideas like torture, holding people without trials for as long as they want and the things that made us the most hated nation in the world. Grade B

Stock Market. Grade: A. He turned around that aspect of the economy. His policies worked it unlike the previous 2 administrations that killed regulation which never works when you de-regulate something cause companies won't police themselves.

Jobs. Grade: C. We are in a crisis. Again due to a major part of the last administration it is still up to Obama to fix the mess he inherited. I won't say he failed but he sure hasn't improved anything.

Gas Prices. Grade: D. I always attacked Bush for hi gas prices and I don't say that enough about Presdient Obama. What happened to that windfall profits tax on the oil companies? Why are we also not hearing from the media about the profits from the oil companies like we did under Bush.

Control over congress and senate. Grade: D. Democrats have the majority but don't act like it. In fact we act like children. As much as Bush is an idiot when he had both the House and the Senate they followed him to the point where we are now. Obama has no control.

Overall my grade for the first year for President Obama would be C+. There is room for improvement but he inherited a huge mess from the previous administration.


Tom Michael said...

I give him a B+ to A-. His handling of the healthcare process with Congress has been masterful - compare what he was able to do, and how he did it, to what the Clinton administration tried in the same span and you see a subtle and nuanced understanding of the process that (so far) has been able to accomplish his main goals. On this issue alone, that's unprecedented.

Liberals who expected Obama to be anything except slightly left-of-center expected both too much from the man and too much from what could actually be accomplished, especially in a year - and also have forgotten what he said during the campaign. I love the way he's prioritized and run down the check list.

What I don't like is what his administration has done in Agriculture and on the Immigration issue. In the first instance, they seem to be out-sourcing farm policy to Monsanto at the expense of their other green initiatives. Secretary Vilsack is a disaster waiting for a major scandal to expose. As for Immigration, while Secretary Napolitano talks sense, neither the rest of the Administration nor the Congress seems to be listening to what she says.

As for keeping the Democrats in line, that's an impossible pipe dream. Republicans walk in lock-step, sometimes in a way that resembles a goose-step in a frightening manner of late. Democrats turn on each other at moments of triumph. It's what we do. Anyone who expects otherwise isn't paying attention to history, especially that of the past 80 years. :)

Erik said...

Of course Tom the saying those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it.