Monday, December 21, 2009

Idiot of the week

You gotta love Republicans. Unlike what Robert claimed about how conservativism is about taking responsibility (which is the biggest bunch of crap I ever heard) they are ONLY about blaming other people. The latest earns our idiot of the week.

Insane John McCain on False News actually blamed President Obama for no bipartisanship in Washington. Even though on many many occasions the Presidient has reached out to Republicans only to have his face spat at. Republicans even voted against the troops recently as a further insult to the President. Yeah who is really not showing any bipartisan? YOU insane John McCain and YOU Republicans. You are the party of NO IDEAS and NO CLUE and YOU are the idiot of the week. You should also have this award in general for torturing us with Sarah Palin!

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Tom Michael said...

This is the same John McCain (R, Arizona) who took to the floor on a parliamentary point of privilege to denounce Senator Franken (D, Minnesota) for refusing to extend Senator Lieberman's (I, Insurance Comapny Lobby) remarks as "unprecedented" even though a) it had most recently happened two hours before, and b) Senator McCain (R, Hypocrites) has done it himself at least twice. As Mark Evanier noted in his blog at, "I am SO glad this man is not President."

McCain, in the twilight of a once-noble career, merely craves attention now. He's like the senile grandfather at the dinner table that everyone pretends not to notice is drooling down the front of his shirt. For a once-proud hero to sink to these depths so publicly is, frankly, both sad and disgusting.