Monday, October 03, 2011

About Time

I'm a sports fan as everyone knows. I also am a believer while we have a undenyable right to freedom of speech we also are solely responsible for the words we use and accountable for the responses we get from our words. So Hank Williams Jr. was on false news this morning and compared President Obama to Hitler. Espn promptly pulled his long standing intro to Monday Night Football based on Williams Jr. words. Sorry Hank you are responsible for your choices

Now if only the drug addict, Beck and all of the other who have done the same would be treated equally.

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Robert E Wilson said...

"Erik takes to karaoke the way a duck takes to water."

Did I just compare you to a duck?

No, I used an analogy to reinforce a statement. Hank Williams, to demonstrate his belief of how Obama and Boehner are so different, compared the difference to Hitler and Netanyahu. He wasn't comparing Obama to Hitler any more than he was comparing Boehner to Netanyahu. He was making a point as to how different they were, at least to him.

This whole matter is just another ridiculous attempt to see racism where it doesn't exist. Shame on you all!