Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Here is my question

I'm pro labor in pretty much everything. I believe in a strong workforce. I would like to comment on the nba lockout. I'm wondering why everyone hates the players who are not responsible. The owners, who are claiming they are losing 300 million dollars but REFUSE to open the books, are not taking any blame.

I wonder why? I'm not against people making money but why is it only the athletes are deemed greedy in these cases? The OWNERS are the ones CHOOSING to cancel games.The OWNERS are the ones who are killing the jobs for the arenas yet all I hear taking the blame are the players. I'm sorry that's wrong. I'm not against the owners making money as I said but owners will be around the same team for dozens of years, they will make money if they are smart every season. Players are the ones who are taking a chance. Players are limited to their time on the court in the case and when an owner is done with a player he will dump the player the first second he gets. And it's funny how the players are the ones who are told how much they can make yet the owners can make unlimited amounts of money.

Now I'm against guarenteed contracts. I think they should due away with them. But again why should one group be told how much they should make and others shouldn't?

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