Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Won't go over but

So here are my ideas how to get the economy going again. Corporations won't like it but this will work

1) End ALL free trade agreements. The simple reasons they are in a large part what's killing jobs around here

2) Any company who chooses to move their headquarters overseas pays a huge tax to do business here. (remember Halliburton did that recently)

3) Any company that moves jobs overseas faces a $100,000 fine PER JOB.

4) End ALL tax credits for companies who are paying less then 5% in taxes. There are many

Now Republicans claim that tax breaks are what creates jobs. We know that's bullshit. Businesses are paying less taxes then ever and are receiving record profits and ARE NOT HIRING. But those idiots continue the same bullshit which NEVER WORKS.

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Robert E Wilson said...

Of course, in this utopic vision of yours, all these jobs that would supposedly come back to the U.S. would go to people making "living wages", complete with healthcare and a nice pension.

Dream on. Isolationism doesn't work. Just look at the many commercial successes of the Soviet Union. Wait! There weren't any! How about North Korea? None. How about China before they discovered Capitalism? None again.

These evil companies that you obviously hate, would simply move out of the country entirely if the United States became so hostile to businesses. Then what?

"4) End ALL tax credits for companies who are paying less then 5% in taxes. There are many."

Where did you hear/read that. This is a myth you just badly want to believe.

"Businesses are paying less taxes then ever..."

You couldn't be more wrong. Obviously, you've never spoken to a single business owner, ever. They are paying more than ever. Not only that, they know they have the extra burden of ObamaCare on the horizon.

Business owners everywhere are scared to death of losing the businesses they worked so hard to keep afloat. The current administration has openly declared war on them with burdens to discourage them to hire anybody. This same administration then openly blames them for the poor economy.

The only ones getting rich nowadays are the unions and the government officials working for them. These people want a poor economy and they're going to keep putting the blame on the wrong people to keep it this way.